Our team has over 30 years combined real estate experience, we offer full service with satisfaction guaranteed. We understand every client has their own needs, and we will customize our services to your needs. From residential tenancy issues, divorce or estate sales, foreclosures, we are with you every step of the way. We can arrange trades for your renovations, geotechnical studies for your building lot, feasibility studies for your town home site, you name it. Our main source of business is through referrals, which seem to get biggerand bigger every year.

  • Andreas Yuan
    Andreas Yuan

    Andreas is our Listing Specialist, he has been a listing agent since 2010, with many properties sold over and over again. His honesty and willingness to go over and beyond for our sellers is what brings our clients back over and over again. His phone is never off or on silent and he is responsible for staging, photo and videography, working with our sellers schedules to show the property and all other marketing aspects. His charisma and negotiating skills often ends up bringing many multiple offers to our sellers.

  • Victer Aujla
    Victer Aujla

    Victer is our land development specialist, he has sold hundreds of development properties and has achieved high return on investments for our clients. His eagerness and his straight to the point attitude shows its strengths when negotiating. Victer is very knowledgable and he is always learning about new community or neighbourhood plans which the general public are not aware of yet. whether it is density issues or servicing, he will be able to navigate our clients with ease. From first time off shore investors or big developers Victer is always able to offer his experience and insight.

  • Amit Ghuman
    Amit Ghuman

    Amit is our Project development specialist, He overlooks our clients projects, working close with engineers and municipal authorities to ensure projects are developed in a short amount of time with cost efficiency in mind. Amit strongly believes the deal is not done even after the sale of the property has completed, his responsible and shrewd work ethic ensures the success of all our clients.

  • Kevin Yu
    Kevin Yu

    Kevin is our team buyer Specialist, from financing to inspection and feasibility studies Kevin is with our buyers from beginning to end. Kevin is very detailed oriented, and sees what most realtors don’t whether it is in the strata documents for a condo, or for future potential or neighbourhood plans that may impact the buyer’s purchase for a residential or investment property. Kevin’s attention to detail lets our clients feel comfortable and ensures a turn key transaction.

Why sell with us?


  • Over 30 years of combined experience
  • Number 1 REMAX team in Surrey
  • Get a whole team of agents for the same price as one


Did you know?


  • Statistically most agents only sell 1 home per year! That is like going to a dentist that pulls one tooth a year, make sure you go with somebody experienced !
  • One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is listing the property with their friend or relative because they just got their license. Of course they could potentially do a great job, but what if they have no idea what they are doing? Do you really want the largest asset you own to be the guinea pig for a new realtor that might not even continue as a realtor in a few years?
  • There is more to selling than just listing on MLS! Photography, staging, contracting, warranty, lawyers, tradespeople, marketing, managing showings, negotiating favourable terms such as free rent back, 24 hour shotgun clauses, and etc. We have strategies that other realtors don’t use because simply they are not as experienced as us.
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